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SWAT 3 Engine Remake in Development
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Sat Jul 30 2011, 04:59pm
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I'm working on an MIT-Licensed 3D General Purpose FPS engine (hopefully more general purpose than Source or Unreal due to being more simplistic, though at the cost of graphical capabilities), and I wanted one of the main test projects using the engine to be an engine remake for SWAT3 (it's actually pretty simple as far as it's parts go: map, doors, player(s), officers, hostages, suspects, guns, light switches. That's almost everything.). Does anyone have the map's format (not in "this is source code that does it" form, but in "this is the header, this is so-and-so data, etc." form) or Hammer versions of the maps (as I'm going to need to make a Q3 .bsp exporter for Hammer anyway for the main engine)?

Almost, can someone explain exactly how the AI works? I expect that to be the hardest part of the SWAT3 engine remake (the hardest part of the general purpose engine itself being Q3 .bsp collision detection, jumping, anim displaying, that kind of stuff).

If anyone's willing to help with the programming, that'd be a godsend. Tell me and I'll upload what I've got so far somewhere.

P.S. I loaded up the GOG version (using "-window -nointro" and a 16-bit color depth) and it had a weapons overview button. Was that in the original version? Also, it seems like the AI is much better about restraining people (though they were good in the first place).
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Tue Aug 23 2011, 02:44am
Don't forget the balistics modelling. ie bullets go through walls depending on various circumstances such as FMJ and wood. :)
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Sat Feb 18 2012, 04:33pm
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This sounds very interesting ShadowDog. Do you have any progress updates?
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