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Characters: Post your character work!
Moderators: Copy-Cat, Slippery_Jim, Beckett, Junkyard_Dawg
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Sat Feb 18 2012, 05:21pm
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In the attempt to gather like-minded and similar talented persons into 1 thread, I've opened up this thread to see examples of different people's work.

The main focus for this thread are for Characters (officers, civilians, suspects, etc.). If you have other work that you would like to post (weapons, maps, etc.) you are also welcome to do so.

Please list your skills and abilities with strengths and weaknesses to get an idea where we are as a community such as:

    Character Modeling (creating 3d character mesh)
      Character Modding (modifying already existing characters)

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                  Tue Feb 21 2012, 01:38am
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                  Hello Copy-Cat, Cy-Fox and everyone.

                  Thank you for the invitation, but unfortunately I can not join the team.
                  Because now I'm sure a lot of work, so sometimes I can only be modeled.

                  However, if you create a post of "free works" in which they are included in those projects which can help.
                  Sure that I could take part in!

                  Soon I will send you the character and weapon models, if you find something useful to you, you feel free You can use.
                  When i get the point then of mapmaking, I need a little help in editing, I do not know how to generate the maps.

                  My works.
                  swat3 character heavy gear:

                  Swat3 heavy gear (woodland):

                  normal gear:

                  80's SAS gear:

                  custom swat3 characters:

                  SWAT4 model:

                  my first character:

                  my first character in snow gear:

                  my first character in heavy gear (woodland):

                  cartridge case:




                  M1911 pistol:


                  Beretta 92:

                  airsoft grenade launcher
                  the weapons are missing from the silencer, flashlight and Red-Dot!
                  Now I work in this
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                  Sun Mar 11 2012, 06:15pm
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                  Nice work, Steel Painter! Thanks for taking the time to post your work. Great job!

                  Maybe you can join us on Teamspeak3 sometime so we can talk your inspiration in Swat3 mod making. Do you have a website or email that I can stay in contact with you?

                  You are welcome to participate in any future "free works" projects when they become available.

                  Well, the idea for this post was just to see examples of community members work to see what kind of talent we have within our community. We didn't mean for this to be a recruiting call. Just one centralized place to view examples of work.

                  ---[BBE] FOX™
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                  Tue May 27 2014, 06:02am
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                  superb work. i wonder if you can make something like this, with the pants loose over the boot:



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