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"TD Weapon mod?"
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Mon Feb 17 2014, 08:37pm
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In the armed forces mod, there is a separate mod within it called "TD_Weapons."
This mod adds several weapons including an M14. Is there any way top get the mod without armed forces? Is it a separate mod?
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Wed Feb 19 2014, 02:53am

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A Mod consists of the model, ammo type, sounds, weapon data and any animations that are associated with the weapon type. (by type I mean Handgun or Rifle)

When you modify these basics of these weapons they affect any other weapon that uses the same data. Ammo Type, Sounds, rounds per bursts, mags and mag capacities. If the mod uses the basic data, it doesn't need to be included in the mod. Most mods I have come across, modified every aspect, as if that was the only mod they were ever going to use: in a clan or community.

I've seen mods that modified an ammo type so that, that particular ammo type was able to pierce right straight thru the entire map, Not very realistic .. I agree.

To better understand how the mods work it is best you try taking apart a mod with the assistance of an experienced modder to guide you in the process. Its been a while since I have worked on a mod, but don't mind revisiting the process if you like. We can rip the m14 out of the mod and create a new standalone m14_Scout

[ Edited Wed Feb 19 2014, 03:23am ]
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Fri Feb 21 2014, 08:43am
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"TD_Weapon_Pack" is an official mod released by Sierra, it adds the CAR-15 9mm, M1A Scout & M14 Scout.

Not sure the reason to make a standalone mod with just the M14 Scout...

Here is a link for the TD_Weapon_Pack
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