News Item: Swat 3 Reunited is back
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Posted by Slippery_Jim
Monday 05 November 2018 - 00:45:08

As you can see this website is back! After an extended period of maintenance the site is back with our usual collection of Swat 3 downloads.

I know that I am just an honourary admin here, but I am happy to see that Copy Cat keeps it running. It is important that Swat 3 files are still available for the community.!!

UPDATE #4: For convenience and ease of access to our collection I have converted all downloads to PUBLIC. No need to register to download. Just browse and download. Thanks to Junkyard Dawg for pointing this out. Makes getting what you need and Lock and Load!

UPDATE #3: I see about 2 dozen people having issues loggin in, if you need further assistance or to speak to someone feel free to stop by our TS: Dazed and Confused Gaming Network at the Following IP:
Beckett and I am usually on around 7pm CST.

UPDATE #2: Captcha was no longer working, its been disabled for now, probably the reason why sign-up have slowed down.
If we start getting spam bots on here we might need to reinstall the plug in.

UPDATE #1: Email Verification for new sign-up and password changes has been updated and tested working!

After 2 days of intensive work, and thanks to the guys over at godaddy. The site is back up and running smoothly again.
Let me know if you encounter any issues. HUA!


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