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Athlete Training Map Released (UPDATED)
Good evening,

Tonight Copy-Cat and Lord Beckett are proud to present the Athlete Training map port from the late Sum of All Fears game that debuted in 2002 on the Gamecube and PC. Unlike the Raven Shield port this one is authentic and has original textures and detailing, The map is about 15,000 polygons. The map focuses around an athlete training center that has been seized by terrorists. Are you willing to be the hero?

We hope you enjoy our latest production.

(UPDATED: Version 1.3)

Coming Soon!

Recommended Mods:
Last Resort v6.0 ON
DNC Multi Final_v1.2

[Submitted by Lord Beckett]
Posted by Copy-Cat on Thursday 27 June 2013 - 22:58:57 | Read/Post Comment: 0 | printer friendly

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2024 Apr 27
It's uploaded! Enjoy!

2024 Apr 21
May we please get the flash to frag mod uploaded?

2024 Mar 03
You no Longer need to log in to download. Just browse and get what you need to create or join and existing game!

2023 Oct 28

2023 Oct 22
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